Girona is a mediaeval city full of charm. The Onyar houses, the cathedral, the iron bridge, the city walls and the Jewish quarter are just some of the iconic images in our city.

You won’t get bored in Girona.

We always say that Girona boasts the best things of a city with its gastronomy, leisure, culture, but with the peace and quiet of a small town. Here there are no underground systems, no large avenues and no overcrowding.

If you’re coming to Girona for the first time, you should be aware that:

  • The Devesa is our green lung. This park is the largest urban park in Catalonia, and it’s the favourite place for the people of Girona who want to go for a walk or run. It’s a few minutes from our hotel.
  • • We have the best restaurants! And we’re not just saying that. In Girona there are restaurants like El Celler de Can Roca, which has been named the best restaurant in the world on several occasions.
  • • We’re a theatre city, with Temporada Alta, featuring a wide range of prestigious drama productions, and FITAG, the international amateur theatre festival.
  • • If you’re into music, we recommend you to go to the festivals and concerts that are held throughout the year. The Strenes Festival, the Black Music Festival, the Girona A Capella, the Festivalot and so on.
  • • If you’re a lover of sporting events, you can go to Montilivi to watch a football match (Girona FC) or, if you prefer basketball, the Fontajau sports hall hosts the teams of Uni Girona and Bàsquet Girona.
  • • Finding somewhere to park isn’t always easy. This is why it will be wonderful to be able to park at the hotel and calmly explore the city on foot.
  • To get around the city you can use the Girocleta, the public bicycle service.
  • • Visiting the city on foot is really easy. You can visit the main tourist attractions by taking a quiet and pleasant walk.

Classic must-visits in Girona

  • The Cathedral
  • The Basilica of Sant Feliu
  • The City Walls
  • The Devesa Park
  • The Jewish Quarter
  • The Arab Baths
  • La plaça de la Independència
  • La plaça del Vi
  • The Pont de Pedra
  • El pont de pedra
  • The Onyar Houses

You’ll find most of these sights in the Old Quarter and the Mercadal neighbourhood. If you want to go shopping, we recommend the Eixample area, where most of the city’s retail outlets are to be found.

Are you looking forward to getting to know Girona? We’re waiting for you with open arms!